For the convenience of our clients, the BAB Group intelligence service can look back over decades of experiences and has access to a worldwide network.

 Relating to business we are also connected with our branch office in the asian mart and are represented all over the world. 

The chairmen of our German branch office and leader of the security department is specialist for security and safety. He has a special perennial education in safety section and has been working successful for the German military police (including international surveillance, foreign and special deployments) for years. 

Our previous chairman and founder member has resigned from our EU branch office on July 4th 2011, after 23 years. He is still authorised representative and general agent. He is aboriginal from Switzerland. He founded our worldwide branch offices, today he just takes care over the contacts as a safety consulter on enquiry for special clients. His empirical value is an inestimable value for affected persons an their families, for companies in consulting for specialised local safety systems, for special  assembling, accessory and re-transportation  procedures from conflict areas.    

In equipment in the inland and in foreign countries we rely on brand products from south German Label producers.